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Target participants of the BioTech 2014 conference are specialists from industrial and academic R&D in the field of sensor technology and process analytics; process engineers in the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors, and students of biotechnology, analytical and pharmaceutical sciences. By taking part in the conference, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of trends, limitations and opportunities of sensors for bioprocess analytics.


The BioTech 2014 conference will address the following major topics:

Filter units

Optical technologies for sensing and imaging

Optical chemical sensors have shown to be reliable tools in process analytics for many years now. BioTech 2014 will promote discussions on the latest developments in this field, ranging from novel, robust dyes to applications in sensing and imaging.

Next generation pH sensors

Even for well-established parameters such as the pH value, new sensing principles are discussed. Conventional pH sensors are challenged by the needs of users who are reluctant to apply glass electrodes to food and hygienic processes. BioTech 2014 will focus on new technologies that may close this gap.

Single-use sensing solutions

Advanced methods in biopharmaceutical manufacturing based on single-use systems require adequate sensor technologies. However, as the past BioTech 2013 conference confirmed, the lack of reliable online sensors is considered a major drawback by many experts working in this field. BioTech 2014 will pick up on this topic and point out opportunities and challenges of single-use sensors for inline measurements.

Online analytics in bioprocess development and upstream processes

Online analytics facilitates scale-up and shortens process development time and costs if it is based on non-invasive, flexible, and scalable instrumentation. BioTech 2014 will discuss current trends in connecting advanced online analytics to the bioprocess.

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