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Participants are invited to submit abstracts for poster presentations. The abstracts will be assessed by the scientific committee. There will be an award for the three best posters at the end of the symposium.

The abstracts must adhere to the following guidelines (an abstract template can be downloaded here):

  1. Abstracts should be written in .rtf or MS Word (.doc or .docx) format. Please use Arial 11pt font.
  2. Title: max. 90 keystrokes, including spaces
  3. Abstract text: maximum 3,500 keystrokes, including spaces
  4. Numbered references in the text in square brackets, e.g. [1]
  5. References should be formatted as follows:
    [1] A. Green, B. White, Cited reference title. J. Biotechnology 152, 183-188 (2011).

For oral presentations, a short curriculum vitae together with your abstract must be submitted. Please send your abstract to the .

Deadline for submission: 27 June 2014

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